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The name Emerson has come to represent much more than just a knife. It has come to represent the American dream, the ideals of America, the rugged individualism of the American way of life and the fact that there is high regard and a place of honor still held for a Company and a man who will give you his word and never break it.

Why should you consider becoming an Emerson Knives Dealer? Quite simply BECAUSE WE CAN MAKE YOU MONEY! Consider the following:

  • Emerson Knives has one of the strongest and most passionate group of customers in the knife industry
  • Emerson knives sell for some of the highest prices in the industry
  • Even with our high average price points, Emerson knives are in very high demand…..your store inventory will turn rapidly
  • Our pricing is supported by aggressive enforcement of a strict MAP policy (minimum advertised price) among our Dealers
  • The Emerson factory holds finished inventory of all knife models so we are able to get you product immediately when you need it
  • Emerson Knives is extensively covered in the media, generating exposure and interest. Consider the following upcoming exposure:

Guns Magazine
American Handgunner

Emerson Knives offers a wide array of apparel and accessories for sale which support our strong brand following.
Emerson is launching an aggressive brand expansion program to make many more people aware of our products and brand!