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Emerson Knives The Number One Hard Use Knives in the world

The epitome of simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness.
The perfect emergency companion for climbers, kayakers, and everything outdoors.

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Designed for performance.

Built for extremes.™

Learn more about the Emerson Sheepdog Knife


I just received the Range Master Sheepdog-Spear Point.This is a fantastic knife.It can be deployed by using the Wave assisted opening devise which Emerson Knives are famous for;or can be manually opened via the thumb nut or by the sealed ball bearing flipper.This is the first flipper from Emerson knives and it flips as smooth as silk right out of the box!!This knife is pure quality!

Just received the Range Master Sheepdog- Bowie, what can I say Awesome! Currently deployed will test this knife in the elements, no doubt it will succeed….

Emerson Brand

Heather Blue Hell And High Water T -Limited Edition

starting at $19.95

The Emerson Sheepdog ®

The First Emerson Flipper.

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CQC-6 Custom with new logo

Annual Summer Auction & Lottery

CQC-7 Story- For More Info Click HERE   WINNERS 1. CQC-5 Thomas Ryan 2. CQC-6 Ryan Morris 3. CQC-6 Rick Delmont 4. CQC-7 Richurd Katchuck 5. CQC-8 Garrick Anson 6. CQC-10 Milan Kostur 7. CQC-11 Gregorio Quevedo 8. CQC-12 David Moon 9. CQC-13 Remington Reed 10. CQC-15 Scott Kilgor 11….

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