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The Emerson Karambit


The Emerson Karambit – The ultimate 21st Century Folding Knife. The Emerson Karambit brings you the first in the next generation of folding knives. With the advantage of the Emerson “wave shaped feature”, this is one of the finest personal defense weapons ever developed. Nothing screams “Tactical Knife” more than the Emerson Karambit. Each folding Karambit is pre-drilled and tapped for both right-handed and left-handed carry so that you can carry it whichever way is more comfortable for your needs.

You think a Fixed Blade version would suit you better? We got you covered! The Fixed Blade comes with it’s very own sheath and belt clip for easy access from your utility belt or backpack. Its uniquely comfortable grip makes it feel like the knife was molded specifically for your hand. There are several variations of Emerson Karambit Knives, so be sure to choose which one fits you best!

This self defense tool is sure to strike fear into anyone looking to do you harm just by the look of it!

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The Karambit Training Bundle

Retail Value:  Karambit Trainer- $119.95  |  The Complete Combat Karambit Training DVD- $134.95   |   Your Savings: $54.95

With the Karambit Training Bundle you will get one (1) Complete Combat Karambit Training DVD and one (1) Karambit Training Knife.

The Karambit Training Knife features blue G-10 Handles, and a blunted 154CM Karambit training blade.

Emerson Knives Super Karambit-The Karambit’s Ergonomic Handle Design fits Forward and Reverse Grip perfectly

-Can be carried for Reverse or Forward grip deployment

The Karambit features our Patented “wave shaped opening feature” or Remote Pocket Opener. In an emergency or injury situation the knife can be opened with one hand as it is drawn from the pocket. Own your own Emerson Karambit today.

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