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Tamirah Crombie – Super CQC-7
Harry Moore- Roadhouse
Cal Barnlund- Emerson Combat Systems Fighter
Jeffrey Van Vactor- CQC-11
Walter Simon- CQC-8
Mark Strauss- Gentleman Jim
John Blair- Commander
Arthur J Belanger Jr- Mini Commander
Ken Lin- Mini CQC-8
Ravi Chowdary-Apex
Chris Lentine- Gypsy Jack
Joseph McKenna- Super CQC-6
Christopher Osburn- Uber Commander
David Shelton- Panzer
Mitchell Beatus- Super Roadhouse
Artie Turner- Mini Roadhouse
Malcolm Werner- The Hatin
Adam Ruscher- CQC-45
Mitchell Cowen- CQC-10
Lucian Chen- CQC-5
Tyler Holden- Roadhouse BEAST
Brent Buster- Mini CQC-7
Jordan Bass- Tiger
Robert Nelson- Super A100
Mark Phillips- Half Mate
Randal Brown- Persian
Deron Lundy- CQC-6
William Franks- Soiree
Chris Hiett- Tanto
David Ellis- CQC-13
David Mundell-Azek Marud
Chuck Marshall- CQC-6
David Raymond Jr- CQC-7
Rick Delmont- El Bandito
Robert Kuge- Mini CQC-15
Matt Rosetti- CQC-15
Shaun Hansen- Super Commander
Trent Harris- Amazon
Tarek Mirshak- Journeyman

Christmas Gift 40th Knife!!!-Full Dress Patriot Knife Goes To John Blair


The winners will be contacted early next week.  Thank you for your continued support. Merry Christmas!!


This year I have brought to you a tremendous bounty of Emerson handmade custom creations.  I have never offered this variety of customs at any of our virtual shows until now.  We have had such an overwhelming response to our online lotteries that I just had to add more knives for you.  And this is truly an international event as registrations come in everyday from Europe, Russia, Australia, and Asia.

This year there are some new very special models.  Of course there are a couple of CQC-6’s and there are the new ETAK and Patriot models that have not been available at any lotteries before this one.  The ETAK, Emerson Tactical Assault Knife, will go down as being one of my best designs ever.  As far as a practical, tactical folding knife is concerned, I would stack it up against any design I’ve ever done.  I really do like it that much.  This lottery features two versions, the model A-ETAK with the conventional clip print blade and the Model B-ETAK with the long sweep Tanto chisel ground blade.

And then there is the “Emerson Patriot.” This knife is a great design that can go from utility, to hunter, to tactical in the blink of an eye, because it works just as well in all those worlds. It has all the Emerson Ergonomics and a graceful gentle recurved blade that cuts just as good as it looks. Along with all the other knives in the lottery this year’s collection this lottery has something for everyone. Good luck to all of you in this year’s drawing. Be sure to watch it live right here on Saturday, December 14th, at 12:00pm Pacific Standard Time.

LOTTERY REGISTRATION CLOSED You must be an ECA Member to participate in the Lottery.

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