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The Emerson Patriot. There are few words that conjure up as much emotion and feeling as the word patriot.  And no one’s name better embodies that spirit as vividly as George Washington.  Without George Washington there would be no United States.  There would be no America in this world as we know it.  I designed this knife to embody the legacy of our Country’s Founding Father, strength, honor, and a resolve forged in the fire of conviction.  A conviction that there is always a responsibility to a higher calling.  He truly was “an exception among exceptionals.”  This knife, the Emerson Patriot is a humble working mans knife, just like the backbone of Washington’s Army, the men and women who stepped forward into the breach to fight for an ideal that they knew was right and just.  And just like George Washington they will never quit, will never give up and will always be ready to step into the breach for
what is right and just.

The American Patriot Knife is available in two configurations, the standard, black, Emerson G-10 or, in a very limited quantity, the Special Edition, George Washington Wood Patriot Do not miss a chance to own an authentic piece of American History.

Each “Special Edition” American Patriot Knife is built with wood from a two hundred fifty year old oak tree from George Washington’s original farm at Mount Vernon.  This grand old Oak was alive when George Washington led the colonial army to victory in the war for American Independence.  Every Special Edition knife comes with a custom die struck coin beautifully finished in Gun Metal Copper along with a copy of a survey map drawn by George Washington himself, showing the location of the tree on his original farm.  In addition, each of these special edition models comes with a letter of provenance and a guarantee of authenticity for you to pass on to the future generations of American Patriots.

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  • Brian R. Wood says:

    I am very interested in acquiring a George Washington Wood Patriot as a gift for my son. Being a descendant of Samuel Washington, he is one of of the closest relatives to Washington’s blood line – this will make a perfect gift as he receives his CPA certification.

    I saw the write up in Handgunner, my hat is off to you for recognizing the significance of turning a Heritage tree into a Heritage product.

    I’ve signed up on the waitlist and look forward to a notification.

    Brian R. Wood

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