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The Way I See It – Another Solution for Syria

By October 15, 2013January 20th, 2016Emerson Knives, The Way I See It

The Way I See It – Another Solution for Syria

Note: This was written before the Russian intervention in brokering another “deal” with Syria to destroy their chemical weapons.  Fool me once shame on you.  Fool me twice shame on me.  The following is still relevant.

We now stand in the middle of a National Debate, actually an international debate, on the possibility of striking the Assad regime in Syria with missiles in an attempt to punish the Syrian leader and the political/military structure of his totalitarian government.  I agree that he should be punished. I think he should be killed or captured and if captured put on trial for crimes against humanity.  I also believe that he has to go, one way or the other.  But, I don’t think dropping a few dozen missiles will accomplish much of a punishment, especially after giving him ample warning and time enough to hide and or move his arms and weapons into the civilian populated areas.  And, if we did get lucky and happen to drop a missile on his head (which is not in the plan), then what?  Who is there to replace him? Who would we want to replace him?  Would any replacement that would move into the vacuum be any better, any more humanitarian, any more benevolent? I didn't think so.  And I just don’t get why 100,000 dead Syrians is a number to be tolerated, while 1,400 dead by chemical weapons is not tolerated.  I propose a slightly different solution.  It is very well known that Iran is fighting a proxy war in Syria on the side of Assad and they are also formulating conflict anywhere their fingers can reach, and that is all over the Middle East, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya and more and further I hope you know that they have financed and given aid, training, and support to every radical terrorist organization that exists for over 30 years now.  They have both Revolutionary Guard troops and Kuds forces and on the ground in Syria training, supplying and fighting on the side and inside of Assad’s military.  What the Syrians don’t realize is that Iran doesn't care a whit about Assad.  They are only lending their “aid” so that they can gain political and military influence (power) when all of this sorts out.  If you know anything about the Iranians, they only have one concern and it is their own.  And now, we are told that if the US does strike Syria then both Syria and Iran will retaliate by striking Israel in any number of ways.

So here is my proposal, my alternative plan.  As we watch Iran is marching at breakneck speed towards the development of nuclear weapons and a delivery system.  You need to be aware that, in fact, they will have a delivery system that will be capable of reaching the United States within 5-7 years.  Think about that possibility.  You only need to look at North Korea to see a partial view of the future.  North Korea is a broke, corrupt, fragile country with a weak conventional military that could not sustain any conflict with any opponent for more than a short time before logistics and material would collapse.  In other words, in conventional military capability, they are a weak, paper tiger that is really all bark and no bite.  But, they have a nuclear weapon.  And that changes everything. Now, little North Korea can, has and will bring every super power in the world to their table and on their terms anytime they want.  They bluster, they bully, and they threaten and the rest of the world has to take the shit dished out by a crazy megalomaniac and his convoluted view of reality.  And think about this, North Korea does not want to destroy Western Civilization or rule the world.

So, we are going to have to deal with Iran and its radical view of reality from now until Armageddon?  I once heard a former Iranian government official who had defected to the West make this statement.  “If anyone from the Iranian government tells you anything favorable to you, it is not true.  If an Iranian officials lips are moving they are lying.”

So, are we just going to continue to deal with Iran?  That doesn't work so well because after all, we always seem to be negotiating against ourselves every time we “deal” with Iran.  In doing so we lose every time, because they either lie, cheat or steal their way out of every agreement, sanction, or treaty that they have been involved in.  All of them- no exceptions.  Yet we are bound by our word, to keep our word-our end of any bargain struck.

If we continue with this policy regarding Iran, we are not going to have to deal with them.  We are going to have to fight them. And I believe that it is better to fight them now then later.  They have also vowed to wipe Israel off the map.  I wonder if that’s the one thing Iran has said that is actually true?  Here is the policy I propose for “dealing” with Iran.  I propose that we combine forces with Israel and mount a devastating and all-out attack against Iran’s military, its air defense, its military infrastructure and most importantly everything that has to do with Iran’s nuclear production facilities.  I’m not advocating a land army invasion.  What I am proposing is bombarding, bombing, and sending every bunker blasting bomb that exists into every dark hole where our intelligence suspects any military/nuclear connection exists.

If we attack, then yes they would retaliate against Israel, but not with Nuclear weapons.  Yes, they might use biological or chemical weapons.  But, because both the U.S. and Israel would be in full offensive mode their use would be minimal at best and of short duration.  Iran would immediately be forced to cut its supply chains to all terrorist and subversive groups that it controls and supports.  As the regime and its military would be crippled there would be a resultant revolution in Iran to throw the radical Islamists out of power in favor of a popular secular, democratic and more moderate government.  Iran, has a huge intellectual, secular and moderate presence among its population that has been held in check by the fundamentalist Islamic Theocracy that has controlled the country for decades.  The same moderates largely ignored by the U.S. government, most recently by the Obama Administration.  An administration who had promised to support them but when, at the brink of an overthrow of the Iranian regime, instead turned its head and ignored them.  That was, the consensus believe the last chance that had existed for a non-military over throw of the tyrannical and destructive Iranian Government.  I personally thank a waffling Obama for that missed and now lost opportunity.

And that brings us directly to what we must face now.  An Iranian regime that is hell bent on destruction.  The destruction of anyone and anything that is thought to be in the way of its goal of complete domination of the Middle East, the destruction of Israel, an eventual face to face military confrontation with the west and of course the taking of revenge against all of these that need “cleansing.”  And this would include revenge over tribal and religious rivalries that stretch back hundreds of years.

What about Russia?  Will they attack? Although Putin and the Russian Government stomps, shouts, and puffs out their chests about American involvement in either Syria or Iran.  It is a bluff.  Nothing more.  The Russians need us way more than they need Iran.  In fact we (The U.S.) are essential to the rebuilding of Russia into an economic power.  In order to develop their ability to bring their incredible resources of oil to markets in the west, they need our infrastructure, our technologies, and our money.  They will not sacrifice the future prosperity and power of their country over a so called ally like Iran or Syria.

This operation would be a totally offensive move by both Israel and the U.S. and would of course be called a non-provoked attack by America on a Sovereign state and the critics would be correct in that assessment.  But, You only need to look back to the 1930’s and Germany as it built its war machine into a power that dragged most of the world into war. It begs two questions to be asked; How would history have been different if there were a country or power that had halted Hitler’s Nazi regime before they achieved the most powerful war machine the world had ever known? And think about this question; Would Hitler have used a Nuclear Weapon if he had had one? They were after all, working pretty hard at building one.

The regime change that is really needed is in Iran not Syria.  Change Iran, Syria cures itself, along with a whole lot of other troubles it’s helping to propagate.  It has been said that a “Nation that ignores history is doomed to repeat it.”  Isn't that what’s taking place right before our eyes? There would be sanctions, there would be outrage.  There would be resolutions and speeches, there would be righteous indignation.  There will be casualties.  But we cannot just hope for the best while millions of lives are at stake.  Innocent lives.  I will tell you an old story that may be relevant.  Besides, I like the story.

A Scorpion comes to the bank of a stream and wants to cross to the other side.  He sees a frog and asks the frog if he will carry him across on his back.  The frog says, “No way you’re a scorpion, you’ll sting me.” “No I won’t, I promise.” Replied the scorpion.  After a few more back and forths, the frog relents. “You promise you won’t sting me?” To which the scorpion replied, “I will not sting you, you have my word.”  The frog lets the scorpion on to his back and swims across to the other side.  As they reach the dry ground on the other side, the scorpion jumps off and promptly stings the frog.  As the frog lay dying; he asks, “Why did you sting me? You promised you wouldn't.” The scorpion looked down at the frog and simply said, “Because I’m a scorpion.”

-Ernest R. Emerson

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  • rick kucharsky says:

    thank you so much for your insight . I’ve never heard it put any better. I’m with you 100% I am curious to hear your ideas on the politically postured entities in our government that have nothing more in mind then to bring our country to its knees. thank you Ernest for your insight I love your knives very much my favorite is the CQC 7 Plainedge I’m a vietnam-era disabled Navy vet on a VA pension I believe in you and I hope someday to be able to purchase one of your knives… Godspeed ernest Emerson…………….

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