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“Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to introduce you all to some new friends I made last week while working on a project in Connecticut.

The guys at Dragon’s Breath Forge graciously opened their doors for us to do our thing. Now these are just some guys with a forge – all four of them are past champions from the show “Forged in Fire.” Their names are Jamie Lundell, Mareko Maumasi, Matthew Parkinson, and Peter Swarz-Burt, and there’s a reason that they were all winners on the show.

Their work is in a word – outstanding. Their depth of knowledge in the art of forging and metallurgy is extensive but their knowledge in the history of ancient, medieval and modern weapons runs deep. Their work is museum quality, authentic and best of all real in terms of producing weapons and tools that any warrior could have carried into actually combat.

You need to check out their site, their work and if you see something you like – buy it – their finished stuff doesn’t last for long. There’s good reason for that.”

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Dragon's Breath Forge Contact Info:

Dragon’s Breath Forge
10 Swiss Lane
Wolcott, CT 06716

(203) 879-1786

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