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Nick Berg

By February 13, 2013November 7th, 2013Blog, Emerson Blog Project, The Way I See It

Today I saw something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I saw the cold blooded, bone chilling murder of Nick Berg. I'm not going to go over any of the details except to say that these cowardly bastards, so self righteous in their act are such cowards that they hid behind masks while chanting “Allah Akbar” (God is great).

It was obvious that this poor young kid didn't even know what was going on or about to happen. These brave “warriors for Islam” went out and grabbed a lone civilian obviously a non-combatant, unarmed, who was never a threat to them in any way and was probably all alone when they took him prisoner.

Well, as terrible, senseless and horrific as this act was, there may be some good to come from this awful incident.

The general public in America really has little to no understanding of the nature, mindset and resolve of the enemy who we are facing in the war on terror. And I'm not speaking about the war in Afghanistan or Iraq. I'm speaking of the war that has been declared upon us by the Islamic extremists who want to destroy Israel, America and our way of life. They will not stop until they are destroyed or they have achieved their goal.

What this video has done has given us a look directly into the face of this evil, this enemy. If you have not seen this video you should. Every adult American should, along with the video of Daniel Pearl's murder and the videos of the mutilations of the 4 American contractors hung from the bridge.

Perhaps these terrible images will galvanize the American public into an awareness of the extreme capabilities of this enemy. Al Queda and the other extremist Islamic sub branches will do anything – anything to hurt their perceived enemies. It is estimated that the recent Al Queda Attack thwarted by Jordanian intelligence would have killed up to 80,000 people and would have wiped out the entire Jordanian government. Jordan is our strongest ally in the Arab Mid East.

I heard a report yesterday that the President of Spain, as a result of seeing this video has decided to rejoin the coalition and send troops back to Iraq. In his words “We must not give in, but unite, in order to face and defeat this foe together.

Another, telling clue that there might be some good from this terrible act is the damage control being spun out by various terrorists groups across the globe. Osama Bin Laden has decried this act, and promised an investigation. Hamas has condemned the Berg murder as unjustified and not representative of Islam.

Now, I hope you don't believe for even a moment that the man responsible for the deaths of over 4000 innocent civilians or the group that sends 16 year olds to board buses and blow up Israeli women and children are actually concerned about the brutality of the Berg murder.

Well actually they are concerned. They are concerned about the reaction of the Americans, the West (Europe) and even their own Arab view of such an act. Blowing up buildings, buses or planes is one thing. Looking directly into the eyes of an innocent, terrified man as his head is being sawed from his body is something completely different. These terrorist A holes are damn scared of the reaction this act has caused through out the world.

This was not the first person these cowards have killed in this manner and I guarantee it will not be the last. But, I believe it will be the last time we will see it broadcast to the rest of the world.

My heart goes out to Nick Berg's family and I hope that his death may be the spark needed to get the rest of the world shocked out of complacency and convinced to join us in a collective effort and resolve to eradicate this terrible enemy. Perhaps in time, no more innocents will be murdered by such cowards and Nick Berg's life will not have been completely in vain.

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