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Well, I guess the cat is now well out of the bag. Most of you have now
become aware of Ernest Emerson and Kershaw. Due to a family emergency
we (the Emerson family) were not able to attend the SHOT show or
participate in the pomp and circumstance of the debut of the
Emerson-Kershaw partnership. But it looks like everybody did our job
for us in lieu of our absence. Thank you.

At the BLADE show in June 2013, we had a meeting with Craig and Thomas
of Kershaw knives. Over the last two decades the name Emerson has
grown from the simple name of a knife company into the most coveted of
categories, a “Lifestyle Brand.” As such, that put us into a category
alongside of names like Harley Davidson, Body Glove, Jack Daniels,
etc. where the name no longer represents just a product, but a much
broader category, a lifestyle that people identify with. When a
company brand achieves that status, the brand itself becomes a symbol
of status much as wearing a Rolex watch became the symbol of personal
success. When a brand gains such respect and value, many opportunities
manifest that are not available to the status quo. Over the years, as
the name Emerson developed this cache, we were approached by a number
of companies interested in purchasing our company outright. Some of
these came from within the Cutlery Industry, some from the Tactical
Industry and several from interests completely outside of “our world.”
The amounts have been tempting, in fact big on a scale that my Great
Grandchildren would never need to work. But, as a family we all felt
we were not done yet, so we kept our company.

Another aspect we faced as the brand grew was the constant approach by
companies that wanted to co-brand, license or carry our product. Over
the years these have included, the Military Exchanges (AFEES),
Cabelas, Gander Mountain, Bass Pro, Costco, Amazon, all the “Big Box”
stores and even Home Depot. All the major firearms manufacturers and
all the top shelf names in the tactical industry have approached us to
either build product for them or co-brand product with them.
Unfortunately, we were hamstrung by our own success. Because of the
ever increasing demand for our product, we carried at all times, a two
year backlog of orders. No matter how much we grew the company or
increased our production, the orders increased in parity with our
growth. All of this with no advertising. The problem was that we could
never take advantage of the solicitations from those companies. We
knew that we would never be-able to supply enough knives to meet their
demands so we graciously declined. Rather than ever burn any bridges
we would simply say, “Sorry, not now, but perhaps in the future if you
would still be interested.” Well, they're still interested, but we
also know that nothing lasts forever.

Which brings us to Kershaw. Kershaw had been in contact with me for
several years and we had played with several designs but I had never
pulled the trigger on a collaboration, because I wasn't after a
collaboration, I was after a partner. After several meetings at the
BLADE show, Kershaw was who we chose. They knew the power of our brand
and the Emerson name and they had the horsepower to make big things
happen. In fact Kershaw was more than eager to work with, “The father
of the tactical knife industry,” as they put it.

Now, I knew a few things before we got started. One of the most
important was this, as well-known as we thought we might be, we knew
it was to a small school of fish in a great big ocean. There were
millions who had never even heard of Ernest Emerson or Emerson knives.
Secondly, we knew that even as well-known as we were in “our world,”
there were tens of thousands who knew of us and wanted an Emerson but
were unable to afford the substantial price for an Emerson original.
And Kershaw agreed. They saw the potential for expanding the Emerson
name into markets previously untouched. Kershaw also knew they had the
manufacturing capacity to address all of the opportunities that would
manifest as a result of our partnership. And the die was cast.

After all the contracts and signatures were done, it was time to
decide where to start. Kershaw came down to my company to choose the
introductory models. How was that done? Well, over the last several
years I have designed a portfolio of approximately 150 knives. And, be
aware that those are not just sketches or drawings. These are fully
proven, prototype designs and actual working pieces. So when we sat
down we merely had to pick the knives we wanted from the portfolio. We
had also decided that we would introduce the budget priced knives at a
price which would make Emerson Knives available to all. And of course,
there had to be a Zero Tolerance model because, well there just had to
be. These are all my designs, 100% start to finish and the only
changes were to the mounting hardware so they would fit with the
Kershaw manufacturing process. So if any one questions whether I
approved of the designs, they are my designs, so I guess you could say
I approved them.

Some may also ask, “Why did I approve of a partnership with Kershaw?”
First and foremost, because they are honest. Second, Kershaw makes a
tremendous product regardless of where they are manufactured and they
are big enough to handle the volumes we anticipate. Third, they showed
me the respect that I have earned. And, again, they are honest.

This is not a collaboration, this is a partnership and the result of
this unique and first of its kind union promises to be one of the
landmark events in the history of the cutlery industry. Emerson Knives
will continue to thrive and grow just the same as it always has and
all Emerson Knives will be made the same as always right here in the
Emerson Knives factory. Ernest Emerson custom knives will also
continue on, handmade by me as they always have. Hell, I might even
make some custom versions of the Emerson Kershaw models.

So there you have it, the story of the new alliance between Kershaw
and Emerson. I hope you like what we've started. If you do there'll be
more to come.

My Best Regards,

Ernest Emerson
The compound
January 2014



  • Craig Brandon Munday says:

    Hi my name is Rusty, I have the Kershaw 6034T it was a great knife. I got it as a gift from my boyfriend. So me and my boyfriend we’re out on a nature walk and we sat down on a log and I took a branch of a oak tree and I was carving on it with the knife and the blade broke in half. I don’t know what you guys are doing with your knives now I don’t know if you’re making them in China now. Like sog SOG knives are made in China now Gerber knives are made in China now they are cheap cheap cheap knives these companies should be ashamed of themselves for making cheap knives now and selling them at a premium price shame shame shame shame on Gerber shame on sog. And maybe shame on you for making your knives in China now I cried for two nights because of your cheap knife. My significant other craig cried with me over this stupid knife did he paid a lot of money for and he lost the receipt of where he bought it. And they wouldn’t give us an exchange so I guess we’re out of this beautiful night so if you want to replace it my address is 5631 186th pl SW Apt#8 Lynnwood Washington 98037

  • Doug says:

    Thank you so much for this collaboration. I bought an Emerson/Kershaw CQC-6K about three weeks ago and it hasn’t left my side. I love it! Ill be purchasing a CQC-5K next week. Please keep the collaboration going, I can’t wait to see more models. I do have a suggestion, a Kershaw version of the CQC-14 “snubby”, this seems a very logical model, legal in many areas and a full size handle. Im begging for this next! Thanks again, great knives!!!!

  • Just published my review on the CQC-6K, great job Ernie (and Kershaw), your really knocked this one out of the park.

  • Michael says:

    Dear Mr. Emerson,
    I have wanted an Emerson for years. Unfortunately I exist on a government disability check that simply does not allow this type of purchase of a high quality knife so I turned to a knife that, in my opinion, while not an Emerson comes close, and that is the Kershaw line. I will scrimp and save until I have enough and then cheerfully spend that money on a Kershaw I had been looking at for months. It has always been money well spent. I just wanted to thank you for partnering with Kershaw. For those of us who do not have a lot of money and yet appreciate the beauty and function of a well made knife this partnership is a blessing. Thank you

  • Judd says:

    I’ve got the Timberline Specwar aviator, the regular and auto Benchmade /Emerson, super seven wave,protech /Emerson auto,and I’ve given a commander,super seven wave ,specwar,two benchmade/Emerson CQC 7s as gifts to close friends & family. When these kershaws & ZT knives come out , I’ll be adding them to our collection also. We’re looking forward to seeing and purchasing the continuing tweaks and new designs from Emerson knives. Thank you for giving us legendary blades that we professional and military sailors can depend on in the harsh marine environment that we,and our tools have to endure , day and night , all seasons , all locations around the world.

  • JC says:

    I am sorry to say I dont know much about you at this moment as I am the average knife carrier and use them daily Im not a collector. That said, I do know Kershaw so they brought me here.
    After reading about you I assure you I not only understand where your coming from I understand where your going.
    I will be very proud to own & carry any style Emerson/Kershaw partnership knife.
    As quality on everything is going to hell these days its great to truely know a loyal man still stands behind his belief and protects his honor & his products quality for his customers.
    For this I look forward to a long lasting partnership of our own and I thank you for this chance to share your dream. It is like a gift from you to us all and thanks for not ignoring us paupers and for sharing your creations.
    Godspeed my freind we are behind you too, just look down!


  • jacob says:

    will the bling work with the kershaw models?

  • Kurt says:

    I am a huge fan of Emerson Knives and I own several of them but I am not a fan of Kershaw. I have had a couple Kershaw blades let me down in the past. I hope that the Kershaw level of quality rises to meet the expectations of an Emerson blade. Good luck with your new partnership.

  • Charles West says:

    I bow before thee Ernest Emerson.
    *bow gracefully

  • Six says:

    It has been about four months. Kershaw has all the knives on their website looking like you could buy them now. I placed an order and then got an apology and a refund. But that was two months ago. What gives? Is ‘soon’ in dog years?

  • Chuck says:

    Any updated news on estimated release dates for these beauties?

  • Michael says:

    This is wonderful, Mr. Emerson. I appreciate the fact that you not only explain your partnership with Kershaw, but go into details behind why you made the decision to partner with them.

    I think there was initial fear by some upon the news that other major changes would be happening, or that you wouldn’t be making your knives at your factory as you have in the past. I know I’m happy that there doesn’t seem to be any major changes and that, at the end of the day, it appears to truly be a win-win.

    Thank you for being honest, and thank you for partnering with another honest company that you feel shares your same vision and passion.

  • Rusty says:

    It will be a tragedy if there’s no flipper model.

  • This is fantastic news. I’ve had my eye on an Emerson for some time but my daily carry has been a Kershaw Leek. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these and perhaps still in the future an Emerson!

  • AP says:

    This is great news! Will the Kershaw line consist of any Karambits?

  • p lindgren says:

    I would like to see a more gentlemanly Jim style with a tanto blade.most of your blades are just too wide for piercing

  • Tim Roberts says:

    Thank you sooooo much Mr Emerson for your partnership with Kershaw… I am sooooo excited that I will finally be able to afford one of your designs…. I cant believe that Im going to be able to own an emerson design for about $50,,, im probably going to buy a few if not all 8 of the designs….. and to show my appreciation I have started saving my nickels to purchase one of your custom knives in the future… Again,,, thank you Mr. Emerson for giving every knife guy a chance to own one of your designs…….
    Apache Tim………

  • travis boardman says:

    I am looking forward to this I am a collector and a carrier of big blades. I hope to one day own one of each

  • Waldemar Barabasz says:

    A guy at a gun store told me that the knives he sold were the best ! Then I pulled out my Emerson and let him fondle it . All I got in reply was ” that ‘s great steel ” . Yeah , I know , said I . USMC ( retired )

  • Brian says:

    i have been a seal for 8 years now and being part of an elite group i only use the elite tools of our choice and 1 of those choices have always been an emerson knife. Almost everyone on our team owns one. My only concern is that Emerson will loose its focus but i trust that Mr, Emerson will continue with his own knifes and not change a thing because i do not want to go to another company nor does anyone on our team. We have always respected the Emerson Brand as the only knife that is a must for most of the people in the U.S Special Warfare Opt. So i hope and pray that Emerson stays the same and doesn’t change a thing maybe they will just make a couple of cheaper models for other people not wanting to pay for the quality. But as i have always said there is nothing like a fine wine but if you want the best you have to pay for it and i would rather do that every day of my life instead of having something that is useless.
    Me and the guys on our team all agree we would have paid 1000 dollars for an emerson knife because we have never ran across anything like them. So we ask please don’t loose focus continue on the path of greatness, never sell out, or back down, keep pushing forward and we will always back you Mr, Emerson!
    Sincerely, The Guys in the back ground far and in between WE SUPPORT EMERSON!!!
    Team 6

  • bret thompson says:

    Sir, I think this partnership is an excellent idea. It will put your designs into the hands of those who may not have the funds available to purchase an actual Emerson made knife. I’d be willing to bet this will mean an increase in sales for your current line. Sorry, Ernest, but I think this is going to cause you to be even busier than ever…

  • Kyle Mann says:

    Super excited for these to come out- I have preordered a few already.

  • Terrence Mullett says:

    Congratulations, Mr. Emerson! You and yours have earned the respect and success you enjoy. Here’s to even greater success with the alliance of two gret companies.
    Terrence Mullett, OBS

  • Dave says:

    Are the new Kershaw knives made in the U.S.A.?
    I like Kershaw’s. I love Emerson’s.

    • hon mac says:

      new Kershaw knives are imported. new Zero Tolerance knives are made in the USA… My money is on the Zero Tolerance knives… but they are very pricey…

  • says:

    Two great knife companies! Do you have any idea what the cost will be?
    Thank you
    Gary G Carnevale Sr USN RET

    • hon mac says:

      new knives with kershaw are all under $100.00, and imported. The new knives with Zero Tolerance are made in the USA, and start at $250.00

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