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Tactical Knives for Everyday Use

Here at Emerson Knives, we produce hard use, tactical knives specifically designed with those in the tactical field in mind. However, over the years our knives have grown in popularity with what we refer to as the ‘everyday person‘.

Our popularity started in the tactical industry when Ernest Emerson was approached to design a unique type of knife that would serve a specific purpose.

tactical knives example, wave feature, cqc-7bw

“They wanted a knife that had some sort of ‘blade catcher‘ so that if you were in a one-on-one knife fight, the opponent's blade wouldn't slide up the back of your's and end up cutting your thumb off”

-Ernest Emerson on the creation of the Wave Feature

Over 20 years later, we now produce an entire production line of tactical knives, each holding their own in terms of use and popularity

Our most popular tactical knives are listed below

The Commander

The Emerson Commander is one of our most iconic tactical knife designs to date. The knife that the “Wave Feature” was originally designed for, The Commander was designed for the purpose of combat. The blade sports a beautiful recurve blade edge designed to flow comfortably with the motion of swings and thrusts. The Commander is popular among those in the military as well as law enforcement.

The Commander is also available in a Left Hand Carry option.

The CQC-7

Every knife company has their version of this knife, but they fall short when compared to the real deal. Considered by many to be the most influential tactical folding knife of all time, the CQC-7 has seen many iterations over the years. Available in Drop Point or Tanto blades and most recently, the Flipper 7 (Shown to the Left).

The CQC-7BW is also available in a Left Hand Carry option.

The Combat Karambit

This is one knife you wouldn't want to be on the other end of. The Combat Karambit by Emerson Knives was the first folding Karambit ever developed and was effectively launched into popularity thanks to Ernest Emerson. We offer the Karambit in three forms: Standard, Super and Fixed Blade. Both the standard and Super versions come pre-drilled and tapped for left handed carry.

Our Karambit Models remain in our Top Sellers for obvious reasons!

The CQC-8

The CQC-8 has long been considered one of the best tactical designs we have ever produced. The ergonomics and blade design merge together to form a perfect union and balance. The CQC-8 can be comfortably held and put into action in both forward and reverse grip.

The Mini CQC-8, also known as The Horseman, has become one of our most popular mini models. They are a personal everyday carry favorite of our's here at Emerson Knives for its simple design and comfortable portability.

The CQC-15

Truly a unique design, the CQC-15 is essentially two classic Emerson Knives fused into one: The Commander and the CQC-7BW. Together, with the beautiful recurve belly of the Commander and the striking Tanto Point of the CQC-7BW, you have one badass knife with its own personality.

Also available in a mini version, the CQC-15 can also be effectively used as a comfortable everyday carry.

Don't be mistaken- Emerson Knives not only can be used for tactical purposes, but for the ‘everyday person ‘ as well.

The reliability of an Emerson Knife is apparent when in hand. Not only are our knives built to withstand the harsh extremes of the tactical field, but they can be used in an everyday manner as well. From opening boxes, to protection during your late night dog walking session. It's always a good to practice the idea of being better safe than sorry.

The fact of the matter is: you never know when you may need a trusty everyday carry at your side.

everyday carry, a-100

Pictured: The A-100

everyday carry, tactical knives, la gruff

Pictured: La Griffe

The Great Outdoors

We offer a production line of mini models as well as smaller and more pocket friendly options. The outdoorsman would appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of some of our models. Models such as the La Griffe and the Government Mule have proven to be increasingly popular in the outdoor industries. Our fixed blades also come with their very own sheaths to carry them in.

This is the best simple utility knife, “private” sense of security and piece of jewelry that I’ve ever owned.
It is one amazing piece of tiny metal.
I cannot say enough about how this little creature tears with incredible tightness of grip.

Estryll ThrockmortonThe La Griffe

Most Emerson Knives are offered with the choice of two finishes: Stonewashed or Black.

One of our most frequently asked questions is: “Should I get a stonewashed or black blade?”

The answer is entirely subjective but we can still offer recommendations. Those in law enforcement or military positions often choose black blades because of the non-reflective finish. If you plan on using your knife for utility purposes such as hard and rough use, we highly recommend the stonewashed finish. It's harder to see the battle scars on a stonewashed blade, however, a lot of our customers love showcasing their battle scars proudly!

tactical knives

Pictured: The Commander

What Makes emerson tactical knives so unique?

Lastly, there's one thing that you can't deny when handling an Emerson Knife: The Wave Feature is fun to use!

Mentioned before, the patented Wave Feature was originally designed to stop an opponent's knife from sliding up the back of your blade and cutting you when in a one-on-one knife fight. Like most inventions, the wave feature was discovered by accident, but opened unseen doors. When taking the prototype out of his pocket, Ernest Emerson discovered that the knife is effectively deployed given the correct motion.

Thus the Emerson Wave Feature was born and the rest is history.

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