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Diplomacy Won’t Work

By February 13, 2013November 7th, 2013Blog, Emerson Blog Project, The Way I See It

After seeing the recent outcome of events in Beslan, Russia even the most skeptical of liberals should have suffered a severe reality check. I was literally dumbfounded when in the early hours of the crisis the U.S. media was referring to the hostage takers as rebels, separatists and freedom fighters. What the Hell? They were terrorists. They were terrorists from the moment they walked through the doors of that school. Hell, they were terrorists from the moment they conceived this insane idea many months before. It didn't matter if they were from Mars – if they were, they would have been Martian Terrorists not Martian Freedom Fighters.

They were Chechen terrorists and they were Islamic. These bastards took over a school and killed children – by the hundreds. I have seen some of the after action reports and they didn't just kill them. What they really did is way too horrible for most people to understand or to want to understand.

Regardless of the situation between Russia and Chechnya, these were, plain and simple, fanatical Islamic Terrorists, nothing more nothing less.

Now, do I disregard the situation between Russia and Chechnya? There have been great injustices and acts of cruelty committed by both sides – I am sure. But, these terrorists did not take over the school to make a point or to force the Russians to negotiate any concerns about a cause. They were there to kill those Russian children, their parents and anyone else – including themselves. They took over that school to punish the Russian Government by taking the lives of those who are the most innocent and precious possessions of anyone or any society on earth – the children. They knew they were going to kill those little ones from the moment they conjured up this horrible act.

After seeing once again what they are willing and capable of doing, I want to ask this simple question. What do you think they would do if they had a Nuclear Bomb?

And this brings me around to the real subject.

Iran is trying to build a nuclear weapon. Don't listen to one single word from Iran. They want a Nuclear Bomb. Anything you hear about power, energy or anything else is pure unadulterated Bullshxt. This is coming from a country that has been responsible for state sponsored terrorism for the last 30 years. If they didn't do it, they funded it. If they didn't fund it, they trained them. If they didn't train them, they gave them refuge or logistical support. Iran has left its indelible mark on almost every terrorist act or terrorist organization in modern history. All of it has been directed against the United States or Israel. They are in large part responsible for fueling the insurgency in Iraq. Do you think Iran wants a stable functioning democracy right next door to their unstable, oppressive, theocratic regime?

Now I'm going to describe how this game is going to play out. We are so gun shy of domestic political backlash and international criticism that the U.S. Administration will go the politically correct route. We will go to the U.N. (we already have) time and time again, to get the U.N. to threaten sanctions against Iran. Deadlines will come and go. Iran will run up to the line and then back away, buying more time and prolonging the process. By the way, if you think France had its fingers deep in Iraq, they're up to their armpits in Iran. So forget any pressure from our ally.

In spite of all this pressure (what pressure)? Iran will continue to build its bomb. There are several factors at work; First, Iran has a perfect model in North Korea. A virtually powerless country, in spite of the size of their army, (the country is broke and starving) has brought the most powerful countries in the world to their negotiating table. This is not because they have the bomb, it's really because they are desperate enough to use it. And they are going to dictate the terms to us.

So Iran knows that the bomb is the great equalizer among the world's powers. Here in lies the problem. North Korea will not give up its nuclear program. Iran will not give up its nuclear program.

What will happen when Iran completes its weapon? I'll say this, if I lived in Israel, I would move.

The way this crisis should be handled is like this. When it comes to Nuclear weapons, diplomacy, negotiations and conventional international sanctions do not work. Forget Libya – they were miles away from developing a working weapon. It was easy for them to throw that chip down on the table. It wasn't because of sanctions. It was because Kadafi saw what happened in Iraq. When it comes to nuclear weapons, the gloves come off. There should be a strategic U.S. strike to completely destroy the Iranian nuclear program.

Before you gasp, let me reiterate, every word you hear coming from Iran is a lie. They are not stupid, they know exactly how to play the diplomatic game in both the worlds press and in the back rooms and halls of the hallowed United Nations. They Want A Nuclear Weapon.

Can we stand the outrage, flak, hatred, diplomatic pressure and internal (Domestic) condemnations (Ted Kennedy) that would result from a strategic strike? The real questions should be this; Can we stand the consequences of a Nuclear detonation on American soil? Remember this, even a primitive nuclear device could kill as many as 150,000 Americans in less than 5 seconds.

I do see one other option. The Israeli intervention. There sits Israel within easy reach from almost any direction that Iran might choose to strike from. However, the Israelis have shown time and again that they protect their own. In spite of world opinion and the almighty Unity Nations, the Israelis will take action when they deem it necessary and that time may indeed come in regard to Iran. It would also be very convenient for the U.S., in that, although we may be working behind the scenes, we would be spared the brunt of world outrage against such an act.

Personally, I think we should do it ourselves, hell, the rest of the world seems to hate us already and the Israelis need a break, they've already been fighting a war of survival for most of this century.

I want you to ask yourself this question one more time. If the terrorists will fly planes into our cities, killing thousands, blow up busses full of civilians, or torture and kill innocent babies and children, what do you think they will (not would) do with the ultimate weapon of terror?

At any rate, Iran must be dealt with. Better sooner than later.

Ernest R. Emerson


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