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What is the wave feature and how do I use it?

By June 28, 2014 Video 3 Comments
  • Scott Charron

    This feature is the fastest way to open a knife. The wave feature ruined me for collecting EDC knives. I can have the blade out in a blink of an eye ready to go. There are no springs, or buttons; just pull it out of your pocket and use it it. I have a CQC-15 as my EDC and have been very happy with it’s functionality. I work a lot by myself so it’s nice to be able to hold something with my left hand and get my knife out quickly, securely and easily with my right. I used to buy quite a few knives looking for the perfect EDC and since I bought this one I haven’t bought another. It’s deployment is very fast, I can have the blade out with the handle securely in my hand faster than any of my automatics or spring assisted simply because the blade is out as soon as the knife is out of my pocket. I have read some complaints about how when you first pull the knife out it isn’t securely in your hand and you have to adjust your grip, but you would have to do this with any knife prior to deploying the blade. Since this knife has no spring or magic button, you can carry it in a lot more places legally than it’s automatic or assisted counterparts. Last but not least, it’s an Emerson so you know it’s a quality product.

  • http://www.pocketknifesource.com Pocketknifesource.com

    My buddy was talking about this and I had to see the video to believe it. This is incredible, and this could save lives. I have quite a few Emerson products and I love them all, so I guess I have to pick up this one! Do you have anymore videos of the wave feature?

    Thanks Guys!