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For Chris Kyle’s Family


CHris Kyle Benefit



All Proceeds To Benefit The Family Of Chris Kyle

Screw You Jessie Ventura!

TO BID SEE:   https://emersonknives.cybrhost.com/auction/

  • Steve Sutherland DDS

    Please make more Chris Kyle models-They’ll sell like hotcakes! Thanks

  • https://www.mrknife.com/m-4-exclusive.aspx Exclusive Knife

    this looks cool…………….

  • Jpaul057

    Awesome knife made to honor an awesome man. I’d buy one today if available. Well done Mr Emerson

  • J. Freeman

    I just was looking at your website and I wanted to thank you for saying what you did about Jessie Ventura. Thank you very much for supporting Kyle. I don’t own one of your knives but I’d like to when I can afford one in the future.


  • Daniel J

    I would love the opportunity to own one of these as well. Even if paying for custom run
    And also thank you for the comment about Jesse Ventura.