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Chris Kyle’s Family

Chris Kyle's Family

Auction Held for Chris Kyle’s Family

This beautiful custom CQC-6 was hand made by Ernest R. Emerson. All proceeds from this auction will be donated to Chris Kyle’s Family

CHris Kyle Benefit



All Proceeds To Benefit The Family Of Chris Kyle

For Chris Kyle’s Family, Screw You Jessie Ventura!

TO BID SEE:   https://emersonknives.cybrhost.com/auction/

  • Steve Sutherland DDS

    Please make more Chris Kyle models-They’ll sell like hotcakes! Thanks

  • https://www.mrknife.com/m-4-exclusive.aspx Exclusive Knife

    this looks cool…………….

  • Jpaul057

    Awesome knife made to honor an awesome man. I’d buy one today if available. Well done Mr Emerson

  • J. Freeman

    I just was looking at your website and I wanted to thank you for saying what you did about Jessie Ventura. Thank you very much for supporting Kyle. I don’t own one of your knives but I’d like to when I can afford one in the future.


  • Daniel J

    I would love the opportunity to own one of these as well. Even if paying for custom run
    And also thank you for the comment about Jesse Ventura.