69551_100498743447294_1024392646_nPERSONAL SAFETY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!
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We would like to welcome you to the International Emerson Training Center. At this training facility our goal is to provide you with opportunities. The opportunity to take control of the protection of you and your loved ones against violence. The opportunity to become healthier and physically fit. The opportunity to empower your children against the specter of bullying. The opportunity to train for competition. The opportunity to make new friends forged in the arena of hard work, discipline, determination and camaraderie. And the opportunity to learn one of the most effective self defense systems in the world. Welcome to our school, our training center and thank you for giving us the opportunity and privilege of teaching you skills that may one day save a life.


Before I can tell you who we are I must begin by telling you what we are. Quite simply, we are warriors.

And then the question must be asked, What is a warrior?
A warrior is not one who will raise his fists in anger.
A warrior is not defined only in terms of martial skills or prowess. In fact some of the greatest warriors are those who never raise their fists but who instead put pen to paper, or raise their voice to be heard in a crowd of chaos or confusion. A warrior is one who will defend what is right, what is good, what is just, by any means that is most effective. But to do so, takes courage. It takes a moral conviction, a resolve to stand against what is wrong, what is evil and what is unjust. A warrior is one who will stand as a bulwark against the things and those that would do harm to the defenseless, the innocent and the ones we love.
What we endeavor to teach here at this school is not to be a fighter, but to be a warrior and as a warrior to be able to defend those in need in any way that is appropriate.
My entire life I have surrounded myself with people who were better than me so that I may use them as inspiration to better myself. I believe they were all warriors in their own way.
The Emerson Training Center is run by true warriors, all specialists in their own field. All courageous, all of good character, all I would go through any door with, and I am proud to stand in their shadows.

Ernest Emerson 2012