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Production Description

These CQC 7B Trainers are fully functional training folding knives that enable you to take your training to the ultimate in practical realism. These are the knives that were developed for the Emerson Edged weapons training courses. These CQC 7B Trainer knives are the perfect training aids for CQC practice and scenario based reality training. The CQC 7B Trainer are exact duplicates of our actual knives with steel dummy blades. Offered in these two models, the CQC-7 and Commander, they allow you to use your knife in training without the danger of being cut or stabbed accidentally. You carry the real knife, now you can train with the real knife.

Previously available only to military and law enforcement personnel who had completed the training evaluations, the CQC 7B Trainerare now available to the general public and to anyone who is striving to push their edged weapons skills to new limits.

Warning: These CQC 7B Trainer knives possess metal blades and although they are blunted and dull, care must be exercised during any training routine. They may cause pain or injury if they jab, or poke or strike another person. They are hard and will chip bone given the chance. Always wear safety glasses or suitable eye protection whenever you use these, or any training knives.

Black G-10 epoxy / glass laminate
Aerospace grade Titanium
154 CM
Black or Satin Finish
‘B’ Blade – Tanto Style
Overall Length 8.0 in.
Blade Length 3.3 in.
Handle Length 4.65 in.
Blade Thickness .125 in.
Hardness 57-59 RC
Weight 4.0 oz.


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  1. (verified owner):

    Finally got a trainer that closely matches the folder I always carry…. I’m super excited!

    Also the Emerson staff ROCKS!…. I had to make to orders because, I needed to use 2 different payment methods for the CQC-7 trainer and an ETAK-B. They were cool enough to refund the extra shipping charge even after the packages went out!

    thanks guys!

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CQC-7BW Trainer

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CQC 7B Trainer knives were previously available only to military and law enforcement personnel who had completed the training evaluations. They are now available to the general public.

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