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I have always admired the AK-47 bayonet. I have used them for years in the field, usually to smash something open or pry something apart. Well, I finally got around to designing a folding version. The CQC-12 is brutishly strong, has a bank vault .125 inch thick lock, and feels like a fixed blade in your hand. I don’t think you can get much tougher or stronger than this one. This is not a general utility knife. This is an Abrams Tank with sharp edges. The knife features a double V grind and the signature AK-47 clip. The handle has the look and feel of the original bayonet and is built for the most extreme use. We offer two versions. Both versions have a rock solid .125 inch thick integral lock. One has a top handle of .125 inch checkered G-10 and the other has a top handle of .125 inch titanium – making it one of the strongest folding knives ever produced. This knife was bred for combat and excels in any environment or theatre of operations on this planet. You will not find a tougher, stronger cutting tool than this one – The Comrade Military Folder.

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    Story behind this blade.

    So I actually came across this as a blade some one left behind in there semi truck. The previous owner had left his truck and had been gone long enough that the contents where, “up for grabs”.

    As I cleaned out the garbage and clutter I came across this knife. Beaten, abused and heavily scratched. Being a collector of knives, I took it not knowing what I had. It sat in my backpack for months before I pulled it out again to properly appraise it.

    I first noticed how despite its heavy usage and general lack of upkeep, it still opened smoothly, had a sharp edge, and still had no give (and I mean NO give whatsoever) when the blade was locked.

    Below the surface scratching on the blade, I noticed a website etched into it.
    Last night, I decided to see what I had and was surprised to find that it was a knife once worth $350.00.

    Knowing this now, I plan to put this used knife to a test that I normally would never expose it to had I purchased the knife myself.

    So, in a month or so, I hope to give an honest appraisal on the high end knife I came by chance.

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