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While Israel has been fighting terrorism, dealing with active shooters and attacks on their installations for decades there is still no written text on protocols and modes of operation. This book will serve this purpose for academic and training purposes as well as real world applications. This book will be a perfect reference guide for a law enforcement entity performing body guard duties, a special operations unit with an executive protection mission or a security firm providing static security.

First there is a section dedicated to training, mindset, and warrior skills, then there is a section on how to actually carry out such security operations. This section of the book will serve as the operational doctrine for the security detail. The methods described will be those currently in use by the IDF, but they have never before been put down on paper and made available to be studied.

Some of the covered topics will include: · The warrior mind set · The training course · Searching various objects, cars, people, and structures. · Roving security group · Convoy · Body guarding · Hostage scenarios In addition Suicide bomber take down · How to train a “security warrior” how to conduct installation security, VIP security procedures. · How to use vehicles. · How to plan your operation and security detail. · How to check and interview people, how to search mail and suspicious objects. The book will explain to the reader how to build this type of unit and how to structure the training. Including some thoughts and philosophies on the subject of combat, what being a warrior really means, and about fighting terrorists in the urban environment.


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This book will explain to the reader how to build this type of unit and how to structure the training.

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