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LIMITED EDITION – “Rei” – Respect Samurai T-Shirt  This is the third in our series of Bushido Shirts representing Rei (respect), one of the seven tenants of Bushido. The strict code followed by the real samurai placed a high regard on the ideal of respect. Respect for authority. Respect for tradition. Respect for fellow Samurai and, even respect for their enemies, sometimes, even after killing them in battle. This shirt, featuring an axe wielding Samurai Soldier is printed on an extra soft, blue grey, “street washed” shirt that is out in a slightly fuller, athletic fit than the first two samurai shirts. I still wear a large size in both cuts. The design features distressed red foil accents on both back and front and gives the shirt an elegant yet “street creds” look. I’m wearing mine to a Blues Club tonight and I’m gonna fit right in. LIMITED EDITION – The Seven Samurai and The Seven Tenets of Bushido

The legendary Samurai were truly one of history’s greatest warrior cultures. Born of a society fueled by warfare and found absolute obedience to honor and loyalty, the Samurai were both feared and revered by all classes of citizenry in feudal Japan. The legends and stories of the Samurai to this day, dominate any discussion of the ideals and principles of what any warrior should live by and express.

The Samurai lived by a strict code of conduct called Bushido – The Way of The Warrior. The Code of Bushido consisting of seven tenets was the backbone of the very ideals that represented, defined, and restrained these fierce warriors.

The seven tenets were

1. “Gi” – Rectitude 2. “Yu” – Valor 3. “Jin” – Benevolence 4. “Rei” – Respect 5. “Makoto” – Honesty 6. “Meiyo” – Honor 7. “Chugi” – Loyalty

We will be releasing seven Samurai shirts, one each month representing the heart and soul of the Samurai Warrior and his ideals. Each shirt will have a unique and beautiful depiction of the Samurai and the back is printed in blood red, with the character Bushi, meaning warrior, and seven characters representing the seven tenets of Bushido. These are unique beautifully crafted designs that any warrior will be proud to wear. I know I am.

available in sizes S-2XL. Please note sizes above XL are an additional $3.00

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“Rei” – Respect Samurai

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“Rei” – Respect Samurai T-Shirt This is the third in our series of Bushido Shirts representing Rei (respect), one of the seven tenants of Bushido.

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