What is Kydron and why did you use it instead of Micarta on the Raven knives?

Kydron is a proprietary formula of a polyester based elastomer, with Kevlar fibers for stiffness and increased strength modulus. It is not plastic, Zytel, or hard and noisy like other manufactured knives. It has a warm feeling and a great physical texture. Kydron was chosen for several reasons; strength, resistance to chemicals and sea water, […]

Why do you put the chisel on the front or left side of the blade?

This is an Emerson signature. Being the knifemaker who brought the chisel grind to worldwide recognition, we are often asked; Why do you put the grind on the opposite side of a traditional Japanese Chef’s knife? The answer is simple….We are not making chef’s knives. Our knives are hard knives meant for hard users. We […]

Why do you use the chisel grind?

There are several reasons for the chisel grind. For any of you who have ever used a correctly sharpened wood chisel for woodworking, you know what a chisel can do. Although a knife is not a chisel, those properties, when applied to a knife grind have almost magical effect. A chisel ground knife, being beveled, […]

Do you have any left handed models?

Yes, we do make left hand version of several models. At present the only models that are available as left hand models are the Commander, the CQC-7 and the SARK. They are only available with the black handle material. We make them in limited quantities so you should call or email us to make sure […]

Do your knives have pocket clips?

If so, where are they mounted? All of our knives have stainless steel pocket/belt clips. They are mounted with the attachment at the rear of the handle, clip facing toward the front. Experience and feed back from the end users has shown that this is the preferred clip position for easy accessibility and quick opening […]