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The Emerson Christmas Virtual Knife Show Lottery

LOTTERY WINNERS Tamirah Crombie – Super CQC-7 Harry Moore- Roadhouse Cal Barnlund- Emerson Combat Systems Fighter Jeffrey Van Vactor- CQC-11 Walter Simon- CQC-8 Mark Strauss- Gentleman Jim John Blair- Commander Arthur J Belanger Jr- Mini Commander Ken Lin- Mini CQC-8 Ravi Chowdary-Apex Chris Lentine- Gypsy Jack Joseph McKenna- Super CQC-6 Christopher Osburn- Uber Commander David […]

Retirement of Viper Series

“I am announcing the retirement of the Viper series of Emerson custom knives also called the MV Line.  Those knives are the: MV1, MV2, MV3, MV4, and MV5 models.  They were my first hard use, hand finish versions of Tactical’s I built over 25 years ago.  I have so many more new designs that in […]

Ernest R. Emerson Live on Armed American Radio

Be sure to tune in to listen to a full hour broadcast with Ernest Emerson as the special guest of Mark Walters on the Armed American Radio Show , Sunday December 1, found at .  Mr. Emerson will be talking about the man, George Washington, along with information about some very special knives and a very special […]

Emerson Knives Pumpkin Carving contest

1st Place Winner gets a CQC-8 BT a $263.95 Value!prettyPhoto 2nd Place Winner gets an Emerson Sugar skull shirt!prettyPhoto Rules: -The pumpkin must be a hand carved real live pumpkin. -Design must be Emerson Knives, Inc. themed -Pumpkins cannot be painted or have any decorations attached to the pumpkin -Post photo of your pumpkin […]

 I am doing a class in Minneapolis on October 19th and 20th, 2013 at SEALED MINDSET.  This class will be Phase II Intermediate and Phase III Advanced Edged Weapons training.  Anyone may attend the Phase II class but in order to attend the Phase III class you must attend the Phase II class as a […]

The Way I See It – The Shadow Commander

Dear Readers, I am reprinting this article from the New Yorker Magazine due to its relevance to, well, everything.  Read this article and you may see why I have been so adamant about the “Iranian Problem.”  The current administration are amateurs playing in a poker game with a pro so good they can’t even tell […]