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The Super Raven

By April 22, 2013 Blog No Comments

I really like these.  These Super Ravens are a design I’ve been playing with well, for 12 years now.  I’ve never been able to put it down.  So I decided to make it bigger, and viola, the Super Raven.  

SuperRavenA SuperRavenB SuperRavenClosed

Check out the “hidden wave” feature.  These are the biggest Ravens ever, the first waved Ravens, and they are handmade, handground prototypes.

I’ve got two spearpoint A blades and two B models featuring zero chisel ground blades.  I’m thinking about doing a small limited run of these (not for the catalog), but the prototypes will only be made once.  Here they are.

Overall Length: 9.3
Blade Length: 3.9

Super Raven A $800.00 –0Available

Super Raven B $800.00 – 0 Available