AMERICA – Stay Vigilant!

We are losing our collective anger in regard to the war on terror. We live in a world of instant news, instant communications and instant gratification. Our collective attention span has also grown short. Unfortunately our enemies, our real enemies, the ones who want to destroy our country, our culture and our way of life […]


As many of you know I am a strong supporter of the current administration, President Bush, and the recent actions of our military in Afghanistan and Iraq. I believe that we are at the dawn of a new age in world politics and that the decisions that our country makes now will determine the course […]


I am deeply distressed by the 9-11 hearings that are being held in Washington. This congressional hearing seems to be looking for someone to blame the 9-11 terrorist attacks on. If they can’t find legitimate fault with some individual or agency then it would seem that the President will become the scapegoat in the end. […]

On the President

After listening to much of the testimony from the 9/11 commission and then hearing the President’s press conference last night I am moved to bring up certain points. First and foremost, thank God we have a president that has some balls. We don’t need a politician, right now we need a fighter. I applaud President […]

What the Hell is an Atrocity?

I have seen the atrocities committed against the Iraqi prisoners in the Abu Ghraib prison. I have listened to the bombastic rhetoric from the Senators and Congressmen and Women as they each try to outdo each others descriptions of outrage and horror as they get their thirty seconds before the camera. Horror, torture, barbarism, inhumane […]

Nick Berg

Today I saw something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I saw the cold blooded, bone chilling murder of Nick Berg. I’m not going to go over any of the details except to say that these cowardly bastards, so self righteous in their act are such cowards that they hid […]

Diplomacy Won’t Work

After seeing the recent outcome of events in Beslan, Russia even the most skeptical of liberals should have suffered a severe reality check. I was literally dumbfounded when in the early hours of the crisis the U.S. media was referring to the hostage takers as rebels, separatists and freedom fighters. What the Hell? They were […]

Do Terrorists Control The Media?

In the Arab world they seem to. I just want to make a subtle point here. The Al Jazeera Network is a mouthpiece for the movement of Islamic Terrorism. It is a propaganda machine and makes every effort it can to both bolster and congratulate Islamic terrorist actions wherever they occur, throughout the world. Anyone […]