The Tree Becomes a Forest

Recently, several military vets and social workers went to the San Diego Mosque to enlighten themselves about Islam by having a discussion with the Imam.  Their goal was to gain some insight into the current Religious/Political aspects of Islam; where they are separate, where they coincide, and how do Muslims view themselves in our Western […]

It Was Terror

I am not politically correct.  I refuse to be intimidated.  I am not scared of Islam, Muslims, or any other group that exists on this earth.  It was an act of terror and he was a Muslim.  Are they related?  You’re damn right they are.  And I don’t need all the facts to be in.  […]

I Stand With Israel

Where is the rest of the world?  Where is our administration? I am willing to bet Israel feels pretty alone right now.  What the hell is wrong with this picture? We need to stand with our ally, the only democracy in the Middle East.  Instead our administration takes the non-committal stance of basically saying and […]

The Myth of “Moderate Islam”

I’ve always spoken to you straight from the hip.  I’m not scared or intimidated by anyone or anything. So, let me continue by stating the following.  “There is no such thing as “Moderate Islam.”  You are a true follower of the faith or you are not.  Islam is a cut and dried proposition.  It is […]

“Ehr Kumt” Sermon

Dear Readers, Here is something that we should all read from someone far more eloquent than myself. But it’s still, “The Way I See It.” Best Regards, Ernest R. Emerson EHR KUMT First Day of Rosh Hashanah 20 Sermon delivered by Rabbi Schlomo Lewis of Atlanta I thought long and I thought hard on whether […]

Our Terrorist Opponent’s Possible Plans For Future Attacks

Some things I feel need to be seen and read. Here is an article from by a friend and colleague who also writes for the site, Lt. Col David Grossman. Some of you already know who he is. For other articles that I have written for them go to Guns and Patriots and read “The Coach” and archived […]

Hope and Change?

In this edition of “The Way I See It,” I will simply ask this question. Do you think humankind would be better off if Western, Judeo-Christian values prevailed in the world or, do you think humankind would be better off if the world were ruled by the values of Islam? If you think that the […]

Who Deserves the Credit?

Now that several days have gone by since the killing of Bin Laden I’ve had a chance to step back and look at the broader picture.Here is the way I see it.  Osama Bin Laden has been on the run since the towers were hit.  He knew we would be after him and he knew […]

Surviving the Deadly Attack

“One who stands with his convictions never stands alone” The Twelve Principles and Strategies That Will Save Your Life   Over the next 12 weeks I will be discussing 12 basic principles applied to the most intimate and deadly of all human interactions, Hand-to-Hand combat.  These principles are distilled from decades of experience and thousands […]

The Warrior Mentality

Developing the Warriors Spirit “Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.” – Vince Lombardi Since time immemorial warriors have always held a revered honored and respected place in society.  In spite of all political meanderings and the ebb and flow of societal values, this has never changed and it never will. In terms […]