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The Emerson Black and White Christmas

By November 26, 2013 Blog, Emerson Blog Project, News 3 Comments


This year I am doing something I’ve never done before. I have always loved the pristine beauty of the full dress customs. There’s a look of the polished pearl against the silver satin titanium that just screams class and sophistication. But at the same time I have always been drawn to the dark sinister elegance of the all black custom models. The Charcoal Black Satin finish and checkered handles definitely gives those knives the look of a Top Secret Black Ops project. I know, I’ve worked on plenty of them.

So this year I’ve created the best of both worlds, a true Black and White affair-The Black and White Christmas Auction.  I’ve taken 9 of the models and created both a full dress version and an all-black version to satisfy both of my desires and hopefully yours too.  I’ve never made this many full dress or black knives before ever.  So, this year you’ve got to make a choice, beauty or the beast. The choice is yours or…perhaps you’ll choose both.

And these words he exclaimed as he rode out of sight, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good knife!”

The Auction opens on Saturday December 7th.  To register for the auction go to REGISTER FOR AUCTION


For more information on the Charity Auction click HERE

  • Joe

    I’ll give you $100 for that patriot knife

    • Matt Molnar

      I’ll give you 200. It’s more than great, it’s American history.

  • Matt Molnar

    I’ll be bidding on the Patriot package tomorrow. I expect the bidding to start at $500. If the charity doesn’t make more than $1000, I’ll be disappointed.